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Day 1 - Departure from Roma to Gubbio, guided sightseeing and lunch in a local restaurant. Splendid medieval city, among the best preserved in Italy, Gubbio is rich in monuments and history: the city offers visitors unforgettable views of the intricate network of its narrow streets. At the center stands the majestic Palazzo dei Consoli, a spectacular civil architecture of the Middle Ages. Inside are preserved, among other objects of historical and artistic interest, the famous Tables of Gubbio, seven bronze slabs dating to the third century BC, on which the ancient Umbrian people left one of the most important epigraphic evidences of Ancient time. the tour continues in Piazza Grande, le Lodges and the Church of Saint Francis.

On 15th may every year the most popular folk event in Umbria is held in Gubbio : the Corsa dei Ceri, celebrated in honor of St'Ubaldo. Afternoon drive to  Chiusi della Verna, visit, dinner and accomodation in the area.


Day 2 - Drivo to Florence, short city tour and lunch in a local restaurant. Afternoon drive to the Sacred Mount of Varallo ( Vercelli) , dinner and overnight in the area.


Day 3 - In the morning, guided tour of Varallo, lunch in a local restaurant. The Sacro Monte was built on the initiative of Blessed Bernardino Caimi, who, returning from the Holy Land (at the end of 15Th century), wanted to create a small replica of the holy places in Palestine. Seventy years later, Saint Charles Borromeo was also interested in the project and gave new impetus to the work and called it "New Jerusalem". The system of about fifty buildings was built over a couple of centuries. Each chapel  represents, with its frescoes (about 4.000 figures) and groups of  statues (approx. 400), scenes from the life of Jesus and Mary.

One of the most important artists who worked in Varallo was Gaudenzio Ferrari, who worked with the founder to start the Sacred Mountain. He is the author of the  grandiose Chapel of the Crucifixion. The Sacro Monte of Varallo, for the beauty of the place, for its testimony of faith and art, is a unique monument of its kind.

Afternnon drive to the  Sacra of San Michele and guided tour. The tour of Sacra di San Michele is an extraordinary and fascinating itinerary. This beautiful place full of history and curiosities offers a wonderful view of the Val di Susa. During the visit in the Sacra, almost 1.000 meters (3000 feet) above sea level, you can breathe the medieval air of this charming ancient Abbey. The impressive architecture, legends, history and mystery will accompany you throughout the tour. Walking up the scenic route, you can admire from afar a spectacular abbey perched on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Val di Susa, so impressively striking that it almost causes fear, but at the same time, so fascinating that it enchants the viewer. When you get to the front door of the Sacra di san Michele, you can really admire the grandeur, the charm and beauty of the monument. At the entrance, you can see and appreciate the statue of Saint Michael Archangel, located on the rock of the of the mountain, as well as the Sacra itself. After passing the entrance, we are in a huge environment, consisting of a steep stone staircase and an enormous 18 meters high column which supports the church floor above. We walk up the Stairway of the Dead: until a few decades ago, the skeletons of monks were preserved in the side niches. Today there are only a few decorated tombs of famous people of the time. On top of the Stairway of the Dead, there is one of the best known works of the Sacra di San Michele: the Zodiac Portal. In fact, it is the oldest Romanesque cycle on the zodiac and the constellations. A good part of the visit is dedicated to the interpretation of this important and fascinating creation. The jambs of the Portal are decorated both inside and outside. To the right, there are the symbols of the zodiac, wrapped in circles formed by twisted branches;  to the left, the symbols of constellations. When you enter the main church, you can see that it was built with two different styles, even if combined in a very harmonious way. Part of the structure is in fact Romanesque, while the other is Gothic. You can then notice many other interesting details. You see the peak of the mountain "sticking out" from the floor, as if to remind the visitors that the cliffs are part of the structure of the Sacra di San Michele.

The visit ends on a balcony with a breathtaking view, from which you can see the valley, the Bell'Alda tower and ruins of the New Monastery, which was built during the period of maximum  expansion of monastic activity. Dinner and overnight at Lake Avigliana.


Day 4 - Departure to Santa Margherita Ligure and lunch in a local restaurant. In the afternoon ferry for the Abbey of San Fruttuoso, visit and return to Santa Margherita Ligure. Continue to Lucca, dinner and overnight at hotel.




Day 5 - In the morning guided tour of  Lucca. Lucca is undoubtedly one of the most interesting Tuscan cities from the historical and artistic point of view and is famous for its walls still intact with huge gates and bastions. Our local guide will take you to the charming old towm, walking along a stretch of the walls and you will enjoy a breathtaking view over the roofs of houses. in the historic center, you can admire the city's main attractions such as Piazza Anfiteatro,  Torre Guinigi, Cathedral of San Martino and you can walk along the picturesque historic streets and antique shops.

Transfer to Pisa, lunch in a local restaurant, short city tour. In the evening return to Rome.





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