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The Villa of the Quintili

The Villa of the Quintili was the largest and most luxory residence of Roman suburbs.
The original house belonged to the Quintili brothers, nobles personalities of Roman public life, lived in the second century a.D. It, later, became Imperial property under the Emperor Commodo, particularly fascinated by the beauty and quiel of this place.
The monumental complex extends between the via Appia Antica and the via Appia Nuova and faces, like a terrace, on the roman countryside offering a very beautiful view. From the eighteenth century, many artists and researchers have been attracted to these impressive ruins and numerous sculptures that could be found in this place.
Tha main area is composed of the owner rooms and those for the servants. Then there are arcades, gardens, a circular building and two  large rooms of the spa, caldarium and frigidarium, that still catch the eye due to their impressiveness.  The Emperor Commodo did connect these rooms with the main entrance of the Villa with two long passes. The main entrance was originally overlooking the Via Appia Antica and a large Nymphaeum.
The Antiquarium, set up in the former stables of the country house, contains works found during the excavations carried out in the area between 1925 and 1927, up to the most recent ones conducted by the Archaeological Superintedency of Roma since 1998.