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The Baths of Caracalla and its underground.

We'll visit che unique complex of Thermae Antonianae, better known as the baths of Caracalla, the Emperor nick name that ushered in 216 A.D. We're talking about one of the largest and best preserved ancient thermal baths, whose function was not only to the bathroom, sport and body care, but also a wonderful place for walking and study.
Crossing this spectacular Roman Spa we can see the gyms, the halls of the caldarium and tepidarium, the rooms of cold baths and even an Olimpic swimming pool.

We will also have the opportunity to visit the underground of the building services, the least known of the complex because only recently opened to the public. It is a maze of tunnels seats at different heights that were under great part of the building. From the gallery we can see now, we will discover the incredible operating organization of the baths of Caracalla, where the frenetic life of personnel officer continued incessantly in the underground without causing any kind of hindrance or interference with the activities that took place in the surface, not far from their heads.