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The crypt of St. Nicholas in Prison: three Roman Temples of Holitorium Hole.

I The basement of the medieval church of St. Nicholas in Prison guard remains of three major temples of Republican Age that faced the forum holitorium, the old vegetable market. The three temples were dedicated to Spes (Hope), Juno (the Auspicious) and Janus (God of beginnings and passages).
It is a fascinating journey that starts from the outside of the Church, that still preserves the columns of ancient temples, on the front and side walls. The visit continues in the basement, through the narrow lanes that seprated them and the rooms of the Temple of Juno, used, perhaps, of currency exchange office.
San Nicola, which the Church is dedicated, is the Patron Saint of children, know throughout the world as Santa Claus. The visit ends climbing the stairs that lead us behind the bell tower of the church.