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The machines and the Gods in the former Montemartini Thermoelectric Center

We visit a very special exhibition center which attracted, over the years, a wide audience of visitors also not particularly interested in arcaeology and ancient art. During the renovation of the Capitoline Museums some precius masterpieces were set up in a new museum, initially temporary, housed in the rooms of the former Giovanni Montemartini Thermoelectric Center.  For the first time two opposing worlds has been combinated: the classical archaeology and the industrial archaeology.
Inside the first public electrical industry of Rome, next to the exceptionally preserved machinary such  as turbines, diesel engines and the colossal steam boiler, stand out precius marbles, artifacts and masterpieces of ancient sculpture found in excavations made from the late nineteenth to early twentieth century (the years of the great urban transformations of the city and of the fascist period).
The daring combination : "iron of machines and marble of the Gods" is a very unusual experience that we live together retracing the most important moments of the development of the ancient city from the Republican to the late imperial age: from funerary objects, which show the luxury that was introduced in Rome after the conquest of Greece, to the sculptures that come from large architectural complex and from rich nobles peripheral reseidences so-called "horti".