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The Tomb of the Scipios

It is an extraordinary archaeological complex which, after closing in 1992 for a long period of restoration and recovery, today only reopens for organized group.  This monunental tomb contains the remains of the illustrious Roman family Scipioni. Its construction is due to the founder of the family: Lucio Cornelio Scipione Barbato, Consul of 298. b.C.
The sarcophagus of Scipione Barbato, elegantly decorated, was placed at the entrance, on the bottom of monument.
The tomb, located in the urban stretch of the Appian Way, a short distance from Porta San Sebastiano, is entirly carved into the stone and has six galleries in which the niches for the Sarcophagi were obtained. Around 150 b.C., maybe wanted by Scipione Emiliano, it was dug a new tunnel on the side facing the Appia with a separate entrance. In the archaeological site, in addition to the Tomb of the Scipios, we can visit also one columbarium beautiful frescoes of the first century a.D. just restored.