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The Roman Houses of Celio under the Basilica of SS. John and Paul

A few steps from Villa Celimontiana, under the basilica of SS. John and Paul, there is an extraordinary complex of residential buildings of the roman age, where, according to tradition, lived and were buried after having suffered martyrdom, the Saints that even today the church is dedicated. Through a fascinating journey from the many underground sites situated on various levels, we will discover the different housing units who occupied this quiet corner of the Celio hill, between the second and third centuries A.D. 
The main nucleus is constituted by a domus on two floors and an insula, ie the typical tenement with porch and street-level shops and houses on the upper floors, which faced directly along the Clivio of Scauro.
Towards the end of the third century a.C. these buildings were bought by a single owner and turned into a rich and elegant domus with frescoed walls, still in excellent condition.
In the fifth century A.D. Senator Pammachius built on the top of these buildings the Basilica of SS. John and Paul.