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Capitol, Roman Hole and Imperial Holes.

The walk is along a wonderful path in Roma, made even more impressive night lighting of the Capitol, Roman Hole and Imperial Holes. Climbing the steps of the famous staircase, designed by Michelangelo, we get to center of the beautiful square of the Capitol dominated by the equestrian statue of Marco Aurelio, the Senatorial Palace and historic buildings headquarters of the Capitolini Museums. From the Capitol Terrace we admire the ruins of the Roman Forum, the monumental center of the Roman Republic, the seat of public buildings, religious and celebratory most important of the city. It's exciting to see the past in the night lighting: Temple of Saturn, Arch of Settimio Severo, the Curia, the Via Sacra and the temple of Castor. Down from the Capitol and passing near the old prison we admire the remains of the Temple of Venus in Caesar Hole.

Along the path of the Imperial Holes unthread in front of the famous squares that still testify to the greatness of the Imperial Roma: the Trajan's Forum, with the wonderful celebratory column of the great military enterprises; the forum of Augustus with the remains of the Temple of Mars Ultor : the Court of Nerva on which stood a temple sacred to Minerva. Finally, at the intersection with the current Via Cavour, the Temple of Peace, that is the big hole built by Emperor Vespasiano.