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Have you read Dan Brown's Angels and Demons and did he involved you with the many secrets and the hidden symbolism of the Illuminati, as he described them in his book? join our Angels and Demons tour and follow the Path of Illumination with the four Altars of Science: earth - air - fire - water, and see for yourself! The itinerary, only for little groups, starts with the Church of St. Maria del Popolo (EARTH) with the Chigi Chapel, the first altar of science. The tour continues with the second Altar, St.Peter's Church and Square (AIR). World's largest church, mother to all Catholic churches and also known as the museum church. From there you will see the imposing Castel Sant'Angelo famous for "il Passetto", the secret passage connecting the Vatican with the notorious Castle. Discover Bernini's angels on the Ponte S. Angelo (Bridge of Angels) over the Tiber.

The third Altar is the Church of St. Maria della Vittoria (FIRE). Inside the last Chapel on the left (Cornaro Chapel), the astonishing Ecstasy of St . Teresa, a woman inflamed by passion's fire. Bernini's masterpiece and also the most unfit ornament ever to be placed in a Christian church, according to an English critic who considered it pornographic. Outside the church you will recognise The Hotel Bernini. The Fountain of the Four Rivers is our last Altar (WATER). Piazza Navona, one of the most beautiful squares in Rome famous for its Fountain of the Four rivers, one of Bernini's most celebrated sculptures. The tour finishes with a visit at the Pantheon, the huge temple devoted to all pagan gods and goddesses that became a Christian chuch. It is covered by the largest dome ever built in ancient times.