Incoming & Outgoing Tour Operator

NEXT BUSINESS AND TRAVEL was born as a Wholesale Incoming Operator for Rome and the Italian cities of art, and then expanded operations to several european cities. It is not a big Tour Operator, better, it is much closer to you and your customers.

Our job is to select and contract hotels according to level, location and comfort standards that will be able to satisfy the growing needs of the national and international tourist flows.

The objective of our company in the short term is the enlargement of the availability of hotels nationally, with emphasis on the most frequented destinations by both student and adult groups, and always respecting the high quality of service that we guarantee to our partners, Tour Operators from all over the world.


Success depends on the goals, all the rest are only comments.

Goals awake our vitality; they make us feel more motivated and attentive. Like everything in the world, goals are created two times: the first time in the mind, and only after being imagined and clarified in our mind can they be concrete in reality.

We do not wander from this concept; in the last twenty years our work has been fueled by this philosophy acquiring the necessary understanding to be successful in our profession.

"We are not the first or the biggest but we have a driving goal: To become the best!"

Adult groups

Adult groups are the priority of Next Business and Travel initiated with this target of tourism and on which we found our principal commercial offers. The qualitative standard fits the exigencies of the traveller of the third millennium, aware of its own needs as well as its rights. If in our offer you do not find the price you expected to find please send an email with your available budget, we will try to find for you the best alternative.

Student groups

Very topical area, young peple will be the tourists of tomorrow, so why treat them differently from other types of travelers? As against the trend with most operators who engage in this form of tourism, Next Business Travel and is not contracted hotels are dedicated to student groups,ie with flattening of the price directly proportional to the lowering of the quality standard, but uses 90% of cases the same hotels reserved for the economically highest score, maintaining rates in line with those of its competitors."


Pilgrimage is an experience full of hope and joy, of consolation and comfort and of strengthening the faith and stimulating one's dedication to charity. It is and experience that builds a feeling of the sacredness of life within the believer. This grows in the hearts of the faithful and develops as a journey in search of God, of His Grace and Mercy and of Hits infinite gifts. This is important for us and our proposals including specialized tour director, hotels and religious houses that know these needs, booking of Masses in all churches, Papal Audience and special attention to religious details of Pilgrimage.

Events & Congresses - Business Travel

We are also specialized in the organization of  special events, congresses, incentives. We suggest  a great solution for Business Travellers. Our experience enables us, with our hotels, to range good solutions with suppliers of prestigious tourist service that allow us to propose our distinguished mark for Business Travellers. Conferences services, meeting and convention, incentives or workshops, deeply studied and personalized to the expectations of our clients.

Objective: prestige results, optimizations costs, zero risks. A “Must” for all of them who is seeking to communicate with its own market looking forward for efficient answers.

In trusting us for your Business travel you will immediately gain something important: Your Time.


From January 2018 Next Business and Travel has acquired the brand, expanding its product with Weekends and Theme stays in the medieval villages and Castles of Italy.